Our aim is to make your life easier. As simple as that. And to accomplish that, we have drawn up a plan:

You must enjoy the moment and the journey –after all, these are the most beautiful, the best, the most delicious and tasty things– and let us take care of the rest.

That’s what our Sunday Boxes are here for. Choose the one that best adapts to what you are as a couple, and come to see us to tell us what you want. After that, just live your moment. Enjoy. Enjoy like you’ve never done before… because this just may be one of the best moments of your lives.

Sunday Atelier servicios Kiss Box Wedding Planner San Sebastian



Like the kisses that are given to the people we love…. Tell us what you need, choose a thousand and one things, and we’ll give you an estimate. As simple as that. Because not everyone wants full support and advice, and some people are just looking for something special that they have in mind, and they want it to be present no matter what. Tell us about it. We’ll make it possible, one way or another. Promise.

Sunday Atelier servicios Sunny Box Wedding Planner San Sebastian



We decorate everything to make it look radiant like the sun.
We work together on an idea to tie everything together and, from there, we manage all the providers (yes, ALL of them, that’s not a misprint) so that your decoration is perfect. And we don’t go anywhere until everything is put together, perfect, and in its place.
Because perfect decoration requires attention to all the details.

Sunday Atelier servicios Love Box Wedding Planner San Sebastian



Like in love, we give you our all.
That means decoration, provider management, catering, gown fitting, guest agendas, lodging, table design, tableware, flowers, necessary furnishings and fixtures, invitations, signage, music, speeches and MCs, perfect staging, and a lot of attention on the day of the wedding. There we will be, by your side, just in case you need anything – a tissue for those who are more romantic and a Band-Aid for those who are more absent minded! ;)


We design and manufacture almost all our decorative items in wood, paper, iron, wire and ink, etc. For this reason, and because we love to take care over what we are going to create, we are also very careful about where they come from. That’s why we make all our pieces using recycled materials and treat them with products that harm the environment as little as possible, to do our bit to help, contributing our little grain of sand to making the world a nicer, cleaner, better place.

And the same applies to our team. We choose our suppliers according to their work philosophy – a philosophy that must follow standards of sustainability and respect that allow us to share the same objectives, the same way of thinking, working and feeling…

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