At Sunday Atelier, we design, organize, and coordinate the weddings and special events that you dream of. We have been making dreams come true for more than five years – shaping them with love, care, in a sustainable way, and working with the best local and national creative teams.

We co-create. We aren’t working alone… you are with us, always, behind every “I do,” every “Congratulations,” and every “I love you” – you’re there, giving us key clues to help us devise and imagine the limitless possibilities for YOUR special moment, to make it perfect.

Welcome to the Atelier (Workshop).

With love, your Sunday

The method

All the excitement and passion of your *I do, tied in to a method, a strategy, a process that captures the essence of the bride and groom and their history so that the celebration –rather than being influenced by passing trends– truly reflects the couple’s taste.

We get to know each other, we know each other’s names, faces, voices… and we add your story into the mix. You tell us about who you are as a couple, when you want to get married and, above all, what you want the ceremony to be like. You give us your thoughts about the ceremony and tell us about any needs and eventualities you’ve got in mind to make your dreams come true. And, with that information, we tell you about our plans and we introduce you to our “Lovers” so that you can choose the team that best fits with what you have in mind.
– Kiss Box
– Sunny Box
– Love Box

We get to work and, in order to do so, we use different creative techniques to help you tell us –sometimes without even realizing it– everything that you are as a couple. By doing this, we are able to fill in the gaps in your history as a couple: we know when you met, what you hope for the future, what you like, what you don’t like, the type of wedding you dreamed about when you were children, etc. There are many things that help us to have a clear view of you and your history together, and to thus tie in patterns, narratives, and themes, giving your event a personality and –especially– a certain natural, authentic feel.

With all the information and materials gathered, Sunday Atelier starts to build the event pane.
This is a living map that acts as a pattern and guide so that nothing is left to chance, to help us to understand and visualize all your D-Day needs in one simple place, being able to freely change it to make final adjustments to your needs and desires.
We get our “Lovers” and samples going to start to visualize the first real glimpses of what had been, up until the present, just a plan.

The big day finally arrives and all the hard work goes into motion so that there is not a single mistake, so that everyone is where they need to be, so that not a single detail gets overlooked, so that everything goes off without a hitch.
The only thing left to do is to congratulate you and thank you both for having gone through this enriching process with us…

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